Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 7 - Bathrooms #cgsc2015

My brain is not cooperating with me, or is it not cooperating with the universe?? Either way, it's being very closed-minded (pun intended) with fibro-fog so hopefully what I write makes some resemblance of sense. I've turned on my diffuser with some cloves and orange, that should help to clear the fog some. I prefer rosemary and orange but the rosemary has gone missing and I'm too lazy to hunt it down.

I am notorious (in my hubby's mind anyway) for browser tabs. My computer will generally have two to three browser windows open each with at least a half-dozen of tabs of articles I would like to read soon. Every few days I go through and clean them up, reading what I'm still curious about, pinning recipes and other ideas or simply closing those that I've clearly lost interest in. The one tab that I've been keeping open for some time was a Huffington Post blog article by Laura Probert, 10 Unconventional Ways to Use Writing to Help Your Business, I finally read it AND added it to Pinterest as she had some really good points to share.

The first thing that caught me is that she too is a healer, I have no idea what she is a healer in but it still felt like a connection as to why I needed to read this post in particular. Aside from that, one of the biggest points for me was to take a moment to ground, center and relax. When I'm stressed that I have to write I forget to do this and I think it shows in my writing, which becomes more mechanical and less "me". So do forgive me if I ramble on sometimes, it's merely my brain trying to reconnect to divine.

You have likely noticed that with each room we are doing a great deal of releasing, organising and tidying but no actual cleaning; no need to worry, that's coming ;). We will do some cleaning today in the bathroom though, just the usual scrub down of sink, toilet and shower/tub.

Whether you have a single, small bathroom or several the process is the same. In the toilet bowl place 1/4 cup Borax, 1 cup of white vinegar and if you have it a 1/2 teaspoon of tea tree oil (a citrus oil or even lemon juice will work in a pinch), give it a stir with your toilet brush, leave it to soak and move on to the vanity.  Start at the entry and clear the vanity top of everything, wipe it down, scrub out the sink and the faucet (vinegar is beautiful for polishing up chrome). Of all the items you cleared off, what should return to the top, what should be put away until required and what should have been trashed a long time ago? Now we're basically going to do the same in the tub/shower. Clear any shelves and the sides of the tub and scrub it all out. Only put back what you need there and I highly doubt it is three bars of soap, five bottles of body wash or the razor that is long past its prime. Rinse out your cloth and wipe down the outside of the toilet, top to bottom, paying close attention around the hinges of the lid and bolt covers at the bottom. Now take you toilet scrubber and give the bowl a good scrubbing making sure to get under the rim, flush, scrub again and that should do the trick.

Now we can attack the cabinets, shelves, and your linen closet; if you keep your bathroom supplies elsewhere then that is what you will be working on. Pull out anything that is very clearly destined for garbage or recycle immediately: empty toilet rolls, shampoo bottles or the plastic wrap from the tp your teenager stuffed in the back corner. Go through everything else, for bathroom items keep your favourites and get rid of those half bottles of lotion, etc that you tried but did not really care for. Organise under the cabinets and any drawers as best works for you and your household. Sort through the towels and say good bye to the ratty ones you are keeping for rags, if you have a plethora of towels save the favourites (colour, texture, size) and donate or sell the rest. We can do the same now for all the sheets and blankets that are in the linen closet (don't worry about sheets or blankets in other rooms, just the closet for now). Give the cabinets shelves a quick wipe down (or scrub out if necessary) and organise what you have decided is worth keeping into the way that works best for you.

That's it! And yes, I'm rushing this post out today so I bid you adieu and see you tomorrow me pretties xx

Love & light,
~Síonaínn **  ƸӜƷ  **


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