Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Scribblings

Wake up!!! I need an alarm that says this at the top of every hour that I am physically awake. I feel as though I've been sleepwalking this past year. Some of the past 13 months has been very good, amazing even, most of it just the every day lalalala blah, and some sad, even heartbreaking, periods of time. So a normal year for me (or most of us) really.

Why do I always feel the need to explain myself?? Yes, that was random but suddenly I receive this epiphany while I am typing - I don't owe anyone an explanation. Sometimes it is good to share how I'm feeling, how I'm failing, where I've been; however it appears every writing "spurt" on this blog begins with me explaining why I've not been posting. Like you care? Like it matters or makes a difference to what is ahead.

Ok, I didn't post for over a year this time. Do I start over with a new blog? Do I go into the drivel that was my past year? Or.... Wake up, Shannon !! Time to smell the rain and shake it off. The past year is just that, the past, and while not completely immaterial it is the now that matters. Today is here, tomorrow is waiting in anticipation of our arrival, it is time to quit lollygagging, procrastinating and sitting on the pitty potty. Let's get this party started, Wake Up !!

Love & prayers,
~Miss Shannon **  ƸӜƷ  **