Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 4 - Entries and Halls #cgsc2015

I was having a hard time today deciding on Monday's challenge. Partially I think because my mind is currently elsewhere, mostly with tomorrow's early morning start as I am working the Federal Election here in Canada. I flipped and flopped over thoughts and ideas, kitchen, bathroom, something simple, something more, and nothing felt right. But as per usual some relaxing in my own quiet (but very cluttered) office with the door closed and the Universe spoke. So guess what? As the title obviously implies, today we're going to work on our entries and halls.

Company is coming darlings! What is the very first thing they generally see? The main entry as they walk in the front door of course. So, let's stand at our threshold and look through the eyes of our visitor. Wait! Fuck that! Forget the visitor, this is your home! You should be walking into a place of refuge, the calm after the storm, peace descending from the moment you walk in. Ok, that's a bit corny, but seriously me pretties, you LIVE here, it should feel good to come home! Tell me how you feel as you stand there looking in from your front door. Is it welcoming and relaxing? Or are you tripping over shoes and having to dump your coat on a chair in the kitchen because the closet is too stuffed. Is your entry into your abode - into your inner sanctum - calming or just one more stress in the day?

This isn't necessarily a big challenge, but I do feel it is still an important one. Big or small, your way in, and through, your home should not be an obstacle course, nor should it feel bland and dull as dishwater. Take a few moments to envision what you would really like to see. It does not in any way have to be grand and ostentatious (unless that is what you would like), it should however always feel like home.

Most homes have a coat closet at the entryway, or at all entryways, so we'll get that all cleared out first. Same as your bedroom closet, pull it all out into a big pile, every last shelf and hanger of stuff. The grocery bags, the old shoes, the items piled on the top shelf and long forgotten. Sweep or vacuum out the closet including wiping the closet bar, that top shelf no one ever sees and the back corners where cobwebs have gathered. Now decide what do you really want in there and make a plan.

I personally feel that if it's not something to do with either exiting or entering your home, it doesn't belong. If you must use some of the space for storage of things from other areas then use smart storage. Bins, boxes or baskets are awesome organisers but useless if not labeled. You can buy cheap chalk labels and chalk pens at most local dollar stores right now as chalk is "In" ;). They make excellent labels that can be changed easily as needed. Organise and create a system of whatever you are putting in there. A basket per family member or one each for different items such as gloves, keys, hats, etc. Obviously I have no idea how big or small this area is, this is your space so make sure it will work for you; if it doesn't work, you won't maintain it. And remember, KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)!

Go through all the coats, jackets, sweaters or what have you that were hanging up. The ones from the 90's in the very back, time for those to go, same with the shoes back there. Light jackets won't cut it for the next few months for most of us so if you love it and it is in good condition move it to storage until we do the spring clean. Pull out the winter wear: parkas, the gloves, hats, boots, and scarves. Go through it all, determine your favourites, get rid of the excess. Really, no one needs 20 pairs of gloves! Mismatched items and mittens with holes, you know what to do with those, the extra sets, give away or sell as appropriate. Shelves for shoes are a great addition if you don't already have them and if it gets pretty mucky where you live like it does here then be sure to have a boot rack that you can rinse off regularly. We keep a boot brush on our front step to get all the snow and mud off that we can before even coming inside, best invention ever. Make sure there are a few extra hangers for guests to hang their things and close the closet up. A quick sweep or vacuum of the entry and hallway. Done did!

Now some decorations to come home to and through the hallway for visual interest, decorate by the season if you like, the dollar and thrift stores make this easy and inexpensive. A welcome sign, some pretty pictures, a bench to put on shoes and even a tall plant if you have the room. Make sure the light bulbs are in good working order. I really recommend not going higher than 60 watts, preferably in a yellow hue; a well lit space is great, but it should feel comforting and not blind you when you flip the switch. For decor I'm fond of antique mirrors and vintage artwork, wreaths and inspirational word wall stickies are lovely too, whatever you like, just not too busy and again, there is no need to spend a fortune. An entry rug to catch the remainder of the day's dirt on your shoes, something with a pattern that doesn't show dirt as quickly, and a hallway runner if you like.

Stand on your threshold again. How do you feel this time? I'm hoping you'll have a smile of content on your face, "This is my home, I AM home" *happy heart*. I can't wait to see your pictures from the front door :). Have a marvelous Monday me pretties!

Love & light,
~Síonaínn **  ƸӜƷ  **

Ps. My apologies for the lateness of this post today. If I don't manage to get Day 5 written tonight it will be later in the evening tomorrow as well as I have a 14-hour day ahead of me. I appreciate your patience with me xx 

Image Credit: Architect Wiki

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