Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Motivation: Simplicity

This week's Monday Motivation is brought to you by Tuesday. You see, Monday was a holiday here, Labour Day in fact, as it was for the rest of Canada, the US and a few others I believe but I'm too lazy to check into that right at this moment. Because of the holiday, Tuesday feels like Monday so I'm going to just go with that skip Tuesday altogether and we'll go straight to Wednesday tomorrow. Yes, my logic is a little twisted, but if you've known me for any amount of time I'm sure you've already come to the conclusion that I can be a little twisted ;).

To be perfectly honest I'm not feeling terribly motivated today at all. I'm crispy fried from the weekend and far too much time in the sun (my own fault) with no hat and no sunscreen, possibly some sun/heat stroke and it's Monday (in a Tuesday sort of way) and I just want to lay down and do nothing. My biggest frustration and what leaves me feeling utterly overwhelmed is clutter; I need to find a way out of the clutter and into simplicity but each time I try to start I throw up my hands and cry out, "I can't, it's too much for one person". But I need to find a way to push past the, "I can't" and show myself that I most definitely can. Anyone else find themselves frustrated this way? Have you found a way out of the rut? Please feel free to share.

Love & prayers,
~Miss Shannon **  ƸӜƷ  **