Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Modern Conveniences….

I hate doing laundry….. Anyone that knows me semi-well can attest to that fact. I really and truly hate it. I don’t even know what it is about laundry I despise so much, but it is one of my absolute least favourite chores. The other one is washing dishes….. ughhhh, dish pan hands…... But recently I was reading through my facebook news feed, someone had commented on how happy they were to have a new-to-them dishwasher. Sounds like it was portable and only cost her $50…. but she was overjoyed to not have to wash all those dishes by hand anymore.

So I started thinking about all the things that we, as modern homemakers, whether stay-at-home, or payroll-she/he’s, have that make our lives easier, or supposed to….

Today we have clothes washers…..

311lMK9hB5L._SS500_ …..rather than having to do this…. Washer-Woman


31aB6K PsXL._SS500_…..so we have less of this…… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We have breadmakers…..

41tigxl-pAL._SS500_ …… so that if we don’t feel like it, we can avoid this…..


And so many other appliances and machines that help us to get our housework done. Yet, we complain about the laundry, and having to unload the dw; we complain about the effort it takes to make a meal for our family. But what do we have to complain about?

Life is supposed to be easier so that we can spend more time with our families, yet we seem to spend less. We buy more clothing, because it is easier to wash them, then complain how much work ol’ Mount Washmore is. Our society is so blessed (or is it cursed?) with all these modern conveniences and so few of us truly appreciate it. Today I want to remind myself how really lucky I am with all that God provides for me, and try to stop complaining, because really…. What DO I have to complain about? Not much…..