Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Project.... Master To Do List !

10 1/2 months since my last blog on this post... You know it is the ultimate in procrastination, if you procrastinate blogging on your procrastination blog..... how sad is that.... LoL !!! I am the Queen of procrastination....

I have 17 days..... For what you may ask, well, truth serum time, to find my home. Yes, find it! Right now I feel like we are living in a combination dump and box factory. A friend suggested I post photos... I'm too embarrassed to be honest. Perhaps by the end of the long weekend it won't be quite as embarrassing. This same friend, however, is absolutely INSTRUMENTAL in encouraging me to get started on my cleaning frenzie ! BTW, reason I have 17 days.... Big Man & Little Man are off to spend some of their summer break with their dad. So with no children underfoot or needs to cater to, I am free to get some bigger projects done

This very morning, after a hearty sleep in I might add, I was, as usual, indulging one of my biggest addictions... my computer. I cannot seem to start my day without signing into, msn, aim & facebook. This is before breakfast, coffee (or tea), and often before getting dressed even. I must say though, my bed is nearly always already made and of course I visit the loo, who can possibly get out of bed without that first trip to the loo... LoL.

Anyway, I digress. Each day I get up I go on my computer, think about the absolute multitude of things that need to be done inside and outside; I get overwhelmed with this list swimming around in my head and end up doing next to nothing with my day! Today, my lovely friend, Natalee, popped on to aim and asked me to be her cheerleader while she got some chores done, with admitting I too was having trouble, as usual, doing much, she suggested we encourage each other. Well Nat, a lovely mother of three boys, created a Chore Wars Adventure just for us. With this further encouragement I have started Today's Project, a spreadsheet, actually an excel workbook, for my Master To Do List. I'm also getting my kitchen cleaned up in between, so that I'm not just, as is per usual, sitting at the computer all day.

20 tabs later, I'm not done, but feel better for getting some of this out of my head and somewhere else. I don't have to think about it, I can just look it up as I am ready to work on each area. So if you click on the title of today's post, you will see this list in progress and what I am up against around here.

Ever onward, please feel free to join me over the next 17 days on my adventures in domestic procrastination, as I continue to update that list as to what is completed or at least in progress.