Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Pretty Nuts

I have this obsession with Mason jars, I've completely and utterly fallen in love with them. I use them for storing dry goods, for storing leftovers, for freezing leftovers, for anything I can find to do with them. I'm learning and adding to my wishlist all the wonderful ideas I find of what I can do with Mason jars. They're inexpensive, easy to clean, easy to label, easy to fill and sturdy.... I'm a klutz.

Last fall I had a mouse invasion. Now I want to be clear about what I consider an invasion, one or two mice, while annoying, aren't terribly bothersome to me. I don't hate mice, at least not house mice, they're actually kinda cute. But when, between the cat & I, we managed to catch (and this is just those we caught) a dozen house mice in just over a week PLUS two very large specimens of deer mice (which freak me out, these suckers were eating the house mice in the traps I set out!!), well, that's an invasion. I was chasing mice at 2 AM, I was throwing out food, I was loosing sleep from stress and I nearly lost it when I found the deer mice.

Never really been a fan of that super expensive plastic storage product. I have plenty of it, but it always seemed to make the items we don't use as often smell kinda.... well, weird. (For the record, my olfactory sense is rather sensitive). So when I found some glass jars, then some 2 quart Mason jars, I went glass crazy. I've not turned back. Mice can't chew through glass, dust doesn't get in, no weird odours no matter how long it sits and glass is far more environmentally and health friendly.

My pantry has quickly become a showcase of glass and I love the Mason jars so much I got a new shelf, set it up proudly in my kitchen and proceeded to fill the jars and I think it looks quite aesthetic :). I'll go into more detail another time but I had to give a quick history so I could lead into the conversation I had with my 11-year old son this morning.

 Pointing to this lovely jar of artistically layered nuts, seeds & dried cranberries....

Me: "I really want to eat these nuts but I can't, they're too pretty !

Spaz: Grabs the jar, "Hey! Peanuts!"

Me: "NO! Don't eat those nuts, they're pretty!"

Spaz: "MY pretty nuts!! "

Me: "snicker.... giggle.... Bwahahahahaha!!!"

Spaz: Looks at me quizzically, realises what he has said.... O_o "Never mind!!", and returns jar to shelf.

Have a terrific Thursday!!

Love & prayers,
~Miss Shannon **  ƸӜƷ  **