Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Focus

Nearing the 2nd anniversary of this blog, so 24 months in and I'm only on my 6th post (not counting the 4 drafts that have still not been completed)... nope I don't procrastinate. That works out to one post every 8 months, oh dear.

So I made this great plan back in January to re-focus and get my life in order and I got pretty much nowhere with it. I won't get into my emotional state or the busy summer I've had but just jump in where I'm at on this. School starts in a mere 6 days and I'm far from ready. I also want and need to make my home my "job" during the day for the next couple of months so we can have a comfortable and welcoming place to be through the coming winter months. I'd really like to try to go back to work as well. So... where to start?

I think I need to start by spending quality time each day with my boys, not just a movie and before I get sucked into the big bad net. They only have one actual day of school next week so starting tomorrow morning we will do something together, play a game, play Lego, or go geocaching. I also have to remember that once I am on the computer I still need to pay complete attention to them when they need my help or to just tell me about what they are building or creating. I'll need help with that, so on Monday I will call my doctor to have my Ritalin Rx renewed or to try something else (takes about 3 weeks to get into my doctor so I'll need to be patient on that one). Either way I need help to be able to focus where it matters most and with ADHD it's far easier to hyper focus on the computer than to pay attention to the boys or heed the call of the duties of the domestic Goddess.

I also need to get back to my workouts, I feel better, I'm more energised, I was actually losing weight, a lot of it and I sleep better too. But one step at a time, if I bite off more than I can chew I'll overwhelm myself as I so often end up doing. So we'll start with the quality time with the boys and finding some routine in preparation for the coming school year.

Feeling a need to find some order and routine in your life without getting bored? Feel free to message or leave a comment and perhaps we can encourage each other.

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