Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Focus

Focus: This is what this weekend is going to be about for me. I have things I want to accomplish, both inside (me) and outside (home) and I need to exist in a place of intention to accomplish my goals. During a teleconference today, one of the attendees mentioned focusing on only a maximum of 3 – 5 (5 pushing it) items in any given day, week, month or year and based on that sound advice I have these goals set for the weekend:

1. Keep up my daily FLYing (routines)

2. Focus on the tasks I want to complete & completing them (Better, not perfect!)

3. Take some genuine me time, pampering, meditating, journaling and making a habit of this.

4. Remembering my mantra, “New Year, New Decade, New Start”.

Although I am not expecting company, for this weekend, I am going to adapt FlyLady’s Crisis Cleaning as my MO. My intention is that our home is not only ready for company but to feel a sense of peace and belonging, and to show my boys and myself that we are worth it. Not just company deserves to see or home at our best, we do as well.

Working in 15-minute intervals I WILL get our house turned back into a home and I WILL find inner peace and balance. It is my plan to set my timer spending 15 minutes each working in three different areas, and then take a 15-minute break and reward myself with something I enjoy. This break may include colouring a Mandela, chatting with a friend, reading or just enjoying the beautiful view outside my window with a cup of tea.

My areas of focus for Friday will be the areas we see as we come into our home when we’ve been out and about, and on revising my Control Journal & routines. Saturday I will continue in those areas, and add our areas of rest as well. Saturday evening will be about focusing on pampering myself a bit. Sunday, time to renew my spirit and work on project completion. I will focus on making things better, not perfect.

By posting this on my blog, I am making myself accountable to anyone that dares read it, so please feel free to ask me how I’m doing.

My List of Accountability (To Do List):

1. Living areas

a. Entryway

b. Kitchen/Dining

c. Living room

2. Control Journal

a. My Routines (Daily/Weekly)

b. Boys Routines

3. Rest areas

a. Master bedroom

b. 7yo’s bedroom

c. 9yo’s bedroom

4. Self care

a. Colour my hair

b. Do my nails

c. Facial

d. Moisturize

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  1. Happy Saturday! How ya doin there? I need an accountability partner in this thing we call "life" to keep me on track. I've been reorganizing and decluttering. Man my place got in such a wretched mess over the past 3 yrs. That's all changing. No more wretched mess.

    Keep up the great work Shannon. You can do it!