Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is going to be a crazy week! Tomorrow is a complete write off as I have to go in for a root canal in the morning and I can't see myself cooking after driving an hour, sitting 2 hours in a dentist chair, then driving home. Wednesday is Remembrance Day, if we go to the service most of our day will be shot there too. This week I also want to get caught up on house work and get into my studying more, so the menu needs to follow suit.

§ MONDAY: Chili on a bun (both are from the freezer, the chili is homemade OAMC)

§ TUESDAY: Take out pizza (root canal day)

§ WEDNESDAY: Hamburgers & salad

§ THURSDAY: Home made Fish & Chips (Cod is my fish of choice)

§ FRIDAY: Boys are at their dad’s this weekend and I’m not sure of my plans yet

§ SATURDAY: no kids

§ SUNDAY: no kids

So I procrastinate alot on my procrastinator’s blog. At least I get to it here and there. I will try (try being the important word here) to do this weekly, I always have such great intentions. Oh, check out the link for the title! Great menu planner downloads.

Have a great week!!

~miss shannon

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