Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So today's challenge from Pastor Ryan @ "this is reverb..." is Sevens... And here is my response, lists, photos, crazy randomness...

Seven books in my Wishlist (not necessarily in order)...

Seven Things I Can Do

- drive a stick (that's a standard transmission vehicle if you weren't

- fix my own computer issues (most of the time)

- read a good sized novel in a day

- Wii Yoga

- sing (according to RockBand)

- look good in blue jeans & a cowboy hat

- nearly anything I put my mind and heart to

Seven Things I Can't Do

- sit on the floor (well more I can't get back up again very easily if I do)

- climb higher than the 3rd step on a ladder without shaking

- scratch my own back

- write short blogs

- stay up as late as I want on school nights :(

- use acv, which sucks as it can be sooo good for you

- play piano

Seven Things I Love:

- IXOYE (Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour)

- making dinner with my boyfriend

- playing Lego with my kids

- 1969 – 1972 Camaros

- 1968 Mustang GT, convertible

- Blogs/Bloggers/Blogging

- researching stuffs online

Seven photos I've taken that I like:

Calgary Zoo - Flamingo taking off

Winter hoar frost (I know I know, no reminders of coming winter :P )

Caleb - August 2007

Alexander - August 2007

Downtown Calgary - from Eau Claire Market

Snicklefritz... yes that really is her name

Canadian Badlands Passion Play - Drumheller

Now it's your turn... as many "sevens" or as few as you like... leave me a link in comments so I can check out yours :)

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